About Us


Our Mission

About_us-1The hotel´s philosophy is to live up to the name ‘retreat’ – relaxation and tranquility are our key words. Instead of music and television, we offer the soft wispering from the palm trees, the sound of waves on the beach and the distant roar of the waves from the reef off the horizon. We do everything we can to offer you good service – good food, comfortable rooms and care. Our mission is to make you feel totally relaxed!

the hotel

About_us-2The hotel building was constructed in 2005-2007, to serve as a private home. The current Nordic owners bought the place in 2008 to run it as a hotel, a business that the original owners had just begun. Built in a typical ‘Swahili’ style with whitewashed walls and columns and windows and porches in dark wood. The roof of the ‘makuti’ (palm leaves) makes the building blend into the environment. The hotel has twelve double rooms in a single house body (see Rooms). On the large terrace facing the Ocean all meals are served.